Packaging systems

Packaging systems

We offer a very wide range of standard packaging for Food and Non-Food filling applications. Special trade-specific solutions, user-friendly additives and state-of-the-art decoration technologies allow us to manufacture truly unique packaging. Our Individual Project department is capable of offering Custom Moulds that are tailor-made and suited to the Customer’s specific needs.

The catalog of our packaging products comprises a variety of solutions differing in shape and volume, targeted both for food and industrial sector customers.

Single-type or family-type packaging forms the very basis of our operation.

The packaging is made with the use of top-end polyethylene grades, which guarantees its exceptional quality.

The modern manufacturing equipment we use guarantees the highest levels of quality and efficiency, enabling us to deliver the expected quantities of products in a timely and reliable manner.

Regardless of the size of the packaging or its practical properties, we are capable of producing virtually any shapes of containers with any additives one can imagine.

Packaging types, by appearance:

  • standard colors
  • individual colors
  • transparent packaging
  • packaging with labels
  • packaging with in-mould (IML) labels

Component colors - a wide range of shades

Color is the distinguishing factor that makes any given brand stand out. Often, it is a part of the brand’s identity. We are capable of producing packaging in any color one can imagine - transparent packaging is available as well, of course. The batches may be long or short, depending on the Customer’s needs.

IML technology - attractive packaging

The In-Mould Label technology consists in automatic feeding of a label into the injection machine’s mould. The label is then “incorporated” into the product during the forming process. Once removed from the mould, the item has the label integrated with its body. The IML technology offers limitless opportunities in terms of the design of the printed material and ensures a high degree of gloss.

The IML technology is capable of turning any packaging into a useful marketing tool. The IML method retains high quality of the packaging and offers its attractive appearance. It is capable of satisfying any needs of the market and the end-customer.

Individual Project (dedicated packaging) - originality of packaging

The perception of any given product is often determined by the uniqueness of its packaging’s appearance and its clearly distinguishable character. That may be achieved by using a dedicated color scheme, a custom-made printed material or a peculiar shape of the packaging.

If the strategy of your company assumes that the identity of the brand is built with the use of such solutions, please be invited to contact us and create your own, custom-made packaging or a whole range of packaging products of varying shapes, capacities and colors.

Customers interested in establishing long-term cooperation are offered assistance and consultancy services related to packaging design and the printed materials used thereon.

We are looking forward to cooperating with new customers and meeting even the most peculiar of their wishes concerning the appearance of the packaging materials they use.

Packaging types:

  • Color availability - visual strips
  • IML technology
  • Transparent

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Product data sheets:

1l bottle

Material HDPE
Dimensions Height: 233,6 mm
Width: 84 mm
Depth: 84 mm
Capacity 1 dm3
Weight 40g,50g
Cap Ø 38

5l canister

Material HDPE
Dimensions Height: 277 mm
Width: 192 mm
Depth: 125 mm
Capacity 5 dm3
Weight 130g-180g
Cap Ø 38

10l canister

Material HDPE
Dimensions Height: 319 mm
Width: 228 mm
Depth: 192 mm
Capacity 10 dm3
Weight 365g,410g
Cap Ø 51

20l canister

Material HDPE
Dimensions Height: 376 mm
Width: 292 mm
Depth: 256 mm
Capacity 20 dm3
Weight 800g,880g
Cap Ø 51

30l canister

Material HDPE
Dimensions Height: 540 mm
Width: 292 mm
Depth: 256 mm
Capacity 30 dm3
Weight 1100g,1300g
Cap Ø 51