leader in production of coloured quartz sand

Fundusze Europejskie, Rzeczpospolita Polska, Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, Unia Europejska
  • Experience

    Many years of experience, state-of-the-art production technologies and cooperation with the world’s leading suppliers have all contributed to the fact that we have managed to win the trust of our customers - leaders in their respective sectors.
  • Innovation

    Our well-established market position requires that we continue to strive for excellence. The modern machinery park we are relying on continues to expand, and the production systems we use meet the stringiest environmental standards.
  • Efficiency

    Focus on innovation, the highest quality of production and customer-orientation are the factors that distinguish us as a reliable business partner. Our partners are guaranteed to take advantage of attractive commercial terms and conditions, timely deliveries and a wide range of products we offer.

Our Products

Coloured quartz sand

We specialise in the production of coloured quartz sands. The sands are coloured by the application of the following systems:

  • two-component polyurethane system
  • epoxy system
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Natural Quartz Sands

The properties of our natural quartz sands are:

  • precise grading curve
  • spherical grain shape
  • pure quartz content above 99%
  • excellent strength parameters
  • various grain sizes
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Coloured aggregate

Qsand specializes in the production of pigmented quartz aggregates. The aggregates are pigmented, inter alia, with the use of two-component polyurethane- and epoxy-based systems.

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Natural aggregate

They are formed by crushing solid rocks which are later sieved and rinsed further down the process. Aggregates are also collected from river and lake bottoms, or sourced from sand mines. They are also obtained in the form of sediment rock - grit. The grain size, i.e. the dimension of the individual particles, is one of the key characteristics of mineral aggregates.

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Aggregate Additives

To meet the expectations of our customers, we continually expand our offering, especially our range of coloured quartz sands. We also supply composition additives.

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Transparent packaging

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Pigmented packaging

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