Coloured Aggregates

We possess extensive experience in the processing of different types of aggregates. Our aggregate processing includes: crushing, washing, gradation, and, of course, colouring. Our coloured aggregates include:


We offer coloured dolomite aggregate as follows:

  • coloured dolomite aggregate processed in the polyurethane and epoxy systems
  • impregnated dolomite aggregate processed in the polyurethane system

We extract Polish, Italian, German, Turkish, and Ukrainian deposits.

Our coloured dolomite aggregate is chracterised by:

  • stable water absorption
  • minimum powder and dust content
  • resistance to UV radiation and weather conditions
  • guaranteed colour repeatability and a fixed grading curve
  • COLOURED BASALT AND BAUXITE AGGREGATE - applied as topping for roofing systems and other building components and as a component of highly resistant flooring and paving finishes.
  • COLOURED BENTONITE GRANULATES - applied to give extra colouring and smell to aquarium and terrarium grit.
  • COLOURED EXPANDED CLAY AGGREGATES - decorative ceramic aggregate applied both as an external decoration in gardens and as an inside decoration for potted natural and artificial plants.