About Us

  • We are Europe’s largest producer of sands and coloured aggregates.

    Qsand’s current position in the market is the result of its innovative and effective approach to business. Modern equipment, innovative solutions, responsive and fast order processing, competitive pricing policy and high quality products – these are just a few of the factors that have established the company as a leading player in the industry.

    Our sands are widely used across many industries. They are used primarily in the production of colour-exposed aggregate render and flooring systems. They are also growing in popularity in horticulture and stuccowork.

    In order to make our offering as broad as possible, we research new technologies and application opportunities for our aggregate material.

Our History

  • Ever since its establishment, the company has been focused on the production and sale of coloured sands. The high quality of our products, marketing efficiency and excellent organisation have all contributed to the rapid growth of the company. Of significance for our growth was a favourable situation in the construction industry. Most demand for coloured aggregates was and still is driven by the manufacturers of construction chemicals and industrial flooring.


  • Environmental

    Environmental policy

    Our environmental protection efforts focus on:

    • reduced consumption of power and heat
    • rational management of resources
    • activities aimed at reducing and re-using waste,
    • rational water and wastewater management
    • technological prevention and enhancement of our technological process involving chemicals
    • promotion of green attitudes among our clients and suppliers

    We have an open environmental policy and it is available in the public domain.

  • We support
    the local community

    We support the local community

    We are aware that the underlying factors of sustainable and dynamic development are a genuine care for the environment, support for local development and adherence to best practice in business. We spare no effort in building a company marked by awareness, commitment, and responsibility. With that end in view, we have been actively supporting economic, social and educational progress in the region for many years.


From the very beginning of our business, we have attached special attention to quality. Therefore, we are constantly developing and upgrading our R&D department as well as investing in machinery and technological innovation.

As a result, we are able to offer products that are resistant to external conditions and available in a repeatable palette with several thousand colours. Our products are compatible with other products that have bonding properties.

Our technological solutions comply with the latest global standards. Qsand aggregates are known for their high quality and technical and aesthetic properties:

  • High resistance

    high resistance to weather conditions, UV radiation, abrasion and other mechanical damage
  • Chemical neutrality

    absence of undesired chemical interaction with acrylic, polyester, polyurethane, and epoxy resins
  • Good sphericality

    high sphericity and homogeneity of grain with a fixed grading curve
  • High purity

    no organic contamination
  • Perfect composition

    SiO2 content above 99%

We aspire to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers; therefore, in addition to excellent quality, we offer products in an unlimited range of colours and patterns.

The only limit is preparing a desired product is the customer’s imagination!

We guarantee:

  • repeatability of ordered colours
  • wide range of products delivered directly to the customer
  • products available in all RAL and NCS colours
  • possibility of producing any colour the customer choses
  • variety of grain sizes: a wide range of standard and customisable grain sizes
  • individual and comprehensive expert advice and assistance